CS Odessa Customer Ticket System
Welcome to CS Odessa Customer Support Ticket System. To better facilitate our customers' ability to report and track issues in a timely manner we have provided you with this interactive ticket system. Using this system you are able to enter a support request and then later track the progress of your request. In addition to support requests, the CS Odessa Customer Support Ticket System can also be used to make other inquires to customer service and sales (i.e. multiple license requests, academic pricing). We are providing this ticket system to provide you with a higher level of customer service.

  • New Ticket
    Submit a new ticket to place a request with support, customer service or sales.

  • View Ticket
    Check the status at anytime of a previously submitted ticket.

  • Lost Ticket ID Retrieval
    Recover your Ticket ID for a previously submitted ticket.

The system offers several benefits:
  1. Tracking
    Each request is assigned a unique tracking number that permits both you and our team to track status after you submitted your request to us. With the unique tracking number you can visit our web site at any time to receive an up to date status.
  2. Notification
    You will receive automatic email notification when we need to request more information from you or when your request has been resolved and the ticket is closed.
  3. Privacy
    Any product issue you report will not be viewed by individuals outside of our organization, files and screen-shots you upload are kept in strictest confidence. We strive to maintain your privacy while we work to resolve your ticket request.
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